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Low Cost Melbourne Airport Parking

Melbourne Airport is one of the largest airports in Australia, and is found approximately 23 km, or 14 miles north-west of the city centre. The airport is also nearby the suburb of Tullamarine, in the state of Victoria, and is therefore commonly referred to as the Tullamarine Airport. Melbourne has four airports, of which the Tullamarine Airport is the only one handling international passengers. The airport was opened in 1970 to relieve the services of Essendon Airport, which could not cope with the growing passenger traffic. Melbourne Airport handles over 27 million passengers per annum, and offers extensive facilities, including excellent parking options. Motorists have a choice of five car parks at Melbourne Airport.

The five car parks of Melbourne Airport serve the airport’s four terminal buildings, named as Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4. Terminals 1 and 3 are the domestic terminals, handling the majority of passengers at the airport, while Terminal 2 is the international terminal. Terminal 4 is reserved for the use of budget airline carriers. All terminals are within walking distance of one another. Passengers in their own vehicles can access the airport by the Tullamarine Freeway, running directly from Melbourne city centre, or the toll-free Western Ring Road. The five car parks at the airport include the multi-level long term car park, the short term parking area, business and express car parks and another long term parking area. The main multi-level car park was built in the later 1990’s, and replaced the existing ground-level car park of the airport. Expansions of this parking area continue in order to meet the growing needs of the airport.

At Melbourne Airport, motorists may drop-off or collect departing and arriving passengers from in front of the terminal buildings, however, ‘parking’ in this area may only be for a maximum of one minute, and drivers may not leave their vehicles unattended for any reason. This rule is enforced for security reasons at the airport. Motorists who will need to stay longer must use the short-term parking area. Owners of unattended vehicles in the ‘drop-off’ zone will be subject to an immediate fine, and their vehicles may be towed.

Short-term Parking at Melbourne Airport

All car parks at Melbourne Airport operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Melbourne Airport, unlike Sydney Airport, operates around the clock as it is not subject to curfews. The short-term parking area of the airport is found approximately 100 metres from directly opposite the terminal precinct, and the majority of the spaces available are under cover. This car park should be used for those in need of parking for one day or less. Motorists can use this area for twenty minutes, and only pay $3.00, which is convenient for those who are meeting or seeing off passengers at the airport. This parking option helps to reduce the flow of traffic past the terminal buildings.

Motorists will receive a ticket upon entry to the car park, and it is used to pay for the period of parking at the automatic pay machines before returning to the vehicle. Cash and credit cards may be used in the machines, and the machines are found on levels G and 2. Payments can also be made at the customer service office on the ground level, or by credit card at the entry and exit gates. A receipt is automatically issued for this payment method.  

Bicycle racks are also found on the ground floor level of the short-term car park, and motorcycle parking is available in all the car parks of Melbourne Airport. Motorcycles are charged the same rates as vehicles. If you arrive at the airport by ‘two-wheel’ transport, ensure that you only park in these designated areas, as no bicycle or motorcycle may be parked on footpaths, walkways, at entrances or exits of the terminals, in stairwells, next to fire hydrants or on any of the access roads.

Long Term Parking at Melbourne Airport  

There are two long term parking areas at Melbourne Airport. One is a multi-level parking area, found approximately 200 metres in front of Terminals 1, 2 and 3, and the other area is around 400 metres away. The multi-level area offers 3,700 parking spaces, while the long term car park has 12,500 spaces, therefore there is no need to pre-book a parking space. The further parking area is served by courtesy bus services, which take passengers to and from all the terminals. The buses stop first at T3, then T2, then T1 and lastly T4, and they operate twenty-four hours a day. This area is also the most cost effective parking option at Melbourne Airport. Undercover walkways provide access to the multi-level long-term parking area, and all levels are under cover expect for level 6. Payments for parking in the long-term areas can be made in the same way as for the short-term parking area.

Business and Express Car Parks at Melbourne Airport

The Business Car Park is found directly opposite Terminal 1, and the Express Car Park is located adjacent to Terminal 3 and Terminal 4, and also offers a business parking area. Special rates may be offered in these parking areas for weekend parking.

Melbourne Airport is fully accessible for disabled passengers, and dedicated parking spaces for disabled drivers or passengers can be found in each car park. The dedicated spaces are carefully located to provide easy access to the terminals. Disabled permit badges should be displayed when vehicles are parked in these areas.

Passengers and visitors driving to Melbourne Airport have plenty of parking options, and should therefore find no reason to park in illegal areas. Heavy fines can be issued for the incorrect use of parking at Melbourne Airport.